Best to Save Your Furniture to Your Dog Bite

Save Your Furniture From Your Dog
Save Your Furniture From Your Dog

Save Your Furniture after a day at work, you come home to relax and sit on the sofa Save Your Furniture From Your Dog, only to discover that there’s dog fur everywhere. You keep telling your dog to stay off the furniture, but they don’t want to listen. So what do you do? If you don’t want your dog sitting on the Save Your Furniture some great tips are affordable. So affordable, you probably already have them in your house.

Save Your Furniture to Using Aluminium Foil Sheet

So the first thing that you have in all of your cupboards is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is an excellent, cheap, easy way to get your dog off of Save Your Furniture. So, how do you handle the aluminum foil? You know that classic sound that aluminum foil makes scare type of sound. That sound is scary to your dog. You take out a strip, and the strip can be longer. You’d place it on the furniture. Of course, it’ll be a long strip, and it would cover the whole area that your dog usually likes to lay in.

Your dog’s going to jump up on that aluminum foil. It’ll make that crinkly sound, scare your dog, and your dog will jump off. Now it will take about a week or so for your dog to get used to jumping up, hearing the noise, and being freaked out and jumping off before they realize that I bet my Mom and Dad are trying to tell me, I shouldn’t be on the Save Your Furniture. That is great for when you’re not home.

Use Bottle with Coins

Now, what do you do if you are at home and your dog decides to be sneaky and jumps up on the couch to watch that great TV show with you? Shake the bottle when you don’t want your dog on the sofa. You could tell how easily and quickly this worked. Because when you shook it, the dog jumped off the couch, even though you had his treats right there for him. It is called the Gatorade bottle.

An empty Gatorade bottle. You could get an empty bottle, with a big, with a big opening in it. Big enough to stick coins in it. Because coins, that shaking noise of the coins, that scared dogs and made him jump off the couch. When your dog jumps onto the couch, you’ll have this sitting by you when you’re home, and you’re going to shake it and tell them no furiously! Get off! And that’ll scare the dog, and the dog will jump off.

Now, after about a week, of both the aluminum foil and the bottle filled with some coins, your dog is going to learn that the couch, or Save Your Furniture, is not the place for your dog to be if you don’t want to allow your dog on the Save Your Furniture. Otherwise, you can use spreadsheets specially made for dogs if you want them up. But, if you don’t want your dog on the furniture, those are excellent methods for keeping your dog off the furniture.

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