Few Thing to Save your Dog from Summer Season

Save your Dog from Summer Season
Save your Dog from Summer Season

Save your Dog from Summer Season It’s summertime outside, but what do you do about your long, thick, double-coated dog? Do you shave them? Hot weather and thick, long-coated dogs. How do you keep them cool? Well, their double coat is no joke. Their thick, double-coat helps insulate them from those harsh summer sun rays. But should you have it? The answer is no. Don’t shave their thick, beautiful coat because their pink skin has never, ever seen the light of day.

And if you shave their coat, they would get poorly sunburned, and they could suffer a heat stroke. The thick, double skin helps insulate them, much like a cooler protects inside the cooler. I know it’s a strange concept, but that’s how it works with a thick, double-coated dog. They pant to release the heat through their sweat glands in their tongue and their feet’ pads. Their noses also sweat. If you want one of these dogs, you’ll have to have air conditioning because of that thick, double coat.

Save your Dog from Summer Season

Now Sammies originated in Siberia, same with Huskies. So you do want to keep them cool by having a comfortable living condition inside, with air conditioning. And you want to keep them living inside with you. Now you can bring them out on walks. Walks are recommended, in the early morning, or evening, around sunset.

If they’re outside, you want to make sure that they have plenty of water and shade. You don’t want to keep them out for an extended period. Because even though this thick, outer coat helps insulate them from those harsh summer sun rays, it is like wearing a parka outside when it’s 100 degrees.

Use of Cold Water

You don’t want them to overheat. You can get them a refrigerated cooling pad and a cooling collar. You would put those in the fridge or freezer. Though, the cooling pad might be a little bit too big to stick in the freezer or the refrigerator. So, you’d want to get a nice, big cooler and stick that in the cooler. You want to make sure that they have plenty of cold water. Dogs used to love ice cubes.

You would fill his water dish with ice cubes and water, and he would go crazy over it. But you do want to get them cold water. The colder, the better. Sprinklers and shade. They will now love running through the sprinklers, just as little kids love running through the sprinklers.

Use Frozen Treats

Save Dog from Summer Season and you want to be able to provide shade and plenty of water outside for them. Frozen treats for your dog, like that doggie ice cream. Fill a tray with ice cubes, and you can also get some specially shaped ice cubes, just for your dog. You can fill those ice cubes with different fruits, like strawberries. They discover that strawberry in the middle of that IceCube, or that blueberry, or whatever type of fruit you put in that middle of the ice cube, will be begging for more.

Most dogs love carrots, So, if your dog likes carrot or even freeze a carrot, that’s an unforgettable, enticing treat for them. You could have watermelon and yogurt and stick those in the freezer Save Dog from Summer Season. Vanilla ice cream for your dog, like even people vanilla, but it’s preferable though, if you get them doggie ice cream, specially made for dogs.

Using Swimming Pools with Toys and Bathe Rooms

If they’re outside with you and the family, you can get a kiddie swimming pool, fill it with water. Stick some doggy toys in there. Your dog will have a lot of fun racing around, playing with the doggy toys, and playing with the children outside. Many northern breed dogs love laying in the bathroom, along the cold, tile floor, and the porcelain bathtub. If you live in the city and are walking your dog outside, along the hot pavement, or on hot sand at the beach, put booties on your dog.

Now, the first few times wearing booties, your dog is going to walk strangely. But, get them used to the taking, by putting them on, only one paw at a time. And having them walk around, getting used to that one paw being in a bootie and then put it on the other paw and then practice it, over time and your dog, the dog gets used to it. But that will protect the pads of their feet from getting burned and being in a lot of pain.

Groom your dog and bathe them Save Dog from Summer Season, to keep them looking, not only pretty but also to help keep them cool Save Dog from Summer Season. Because when they get brushed, it’s like you take a shower or a bath. You feel outstanding afterward. So during the hot summer sun, walks in the early morning, before sunrise, most of the time, Or right around the light. And then walks in the evening, right around dusk because they like walking during the day’s cooler times.

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